Here are a few things they said about the Cd’s:



Interesting poems of Norah Lange beautifully sung… (



..his quartet delivers a strong performance of an elegant, sophisticated work.

“Triptych” for piano solo is for me the highlight of this set

…dark and troubled…with a complex architecture. (Monsieur Délire – Internet)



This recording (Tryptych) was a notably pleasant surprise

Top rank performances. (Michael Cameron)



An inventive riff on Bizet’s music. (Stephen Eddins)



…”Improvviso” for piano solo shows impressive command of the instrument and a very impressive performance by the composer himself.

(The Sonata for Violin solo)… a genuinely interesting work.

(La leyenda de Kakuy)…requiring virtuosity and evenness of tone from the chamber group.



Wilesnki has a voice


I would also add a legend saying: all the Cds by Osias Wilenski can be obtained at.



Mr. Wilenski has asked me to send you the covers of his CD and some reviews.

If you find any problem with the files attached, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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